How to change your Facebook layout

Need a break from boring blue Facebook layout? You can add certain images and colors to it and change it into a new one. There are many ways of doing so. I will tell you one of them.

Cool Facebook Layout:

  • You need to install Stylish add-on for your Mozilla Firefox from here.
  • Restart Firefox to see the changes.
  • Once you have downloaded the Stylish Add-on and refreshed, you can go to the site and install any skin you wish to.
  • You can uninstall this add-on by choosing uninstall from tools->add on-stylish.
  • You can also disable this add-on by clicking once on the Stylish icon that appears on the right hand side bottom of                                                    your screen.

I tried two layouts for my Facebook page. One was Huku embrace layout and the other was Golf sport layout. These and more can be installed by you. I am putting a screenshot of my homepage after applying these layouts.

If you know any other such add-on or Greasemonkey script, feel free to share it with me through the comments.

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