How to change your number on WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp account has always been linked to your mobile number. But, with the latest update(s) on WhatsApp for all platforms, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 and BlackBerry 10, you can now change your mobile number – that’s porting your WhatsApp account to another number.

This new option Change number is available inside the Account settings tab – Settings > Account > Change number. The operation is really simple. Just enter your old mobile number and the new mobile number in that page, and WhatsApp will do the rest for you. This will move your account info, settings and groups to your new number.

For those using Nokia S40, go to Options > Settings > Change phone number.

WhatsApp change number

Sadly there isn’t an option for you to change number on Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone yet.

Things to note

Make sure that you have both your old mobile SIM and the new one plugged into different mobile phones. WhatsApp needs your new number to be active on a mobile device at the time of changing numbers.

Why this feature?

Most people always go about jumping from one carrier to the other. It is tiresome to take WhatsApp backups, import to the new mobile phone and then restore, isn’t it?

Also, this feature is makes it easy for premium WhatsApp users to continue their membership hassle-free.


Sagar Rai December 6, 2013


Much needed post.. i was searching for this kind of formation. thanks for sharing.

Arun Sathiya December 7, 2013

I’m glad that you found this useful, Sagar Rai. 🙂

Ashish December 7, 2013

thanks, never saw this option.. 😀 although using whatsapp from years…

Arun Sathiya December 17, 2013

Ha ha, no Ashish, this feature was introduced only before a few days. 🙂

Rahul Singh December 17, 2013

This is indeed a very useful option by Whatsapp. Instead of removing and adding, I can now simply switch my number. My free membership was extended to 2 years but I will surely purchase premium membership after it ends.

Arun Sathiya December 17, 2013

Yeah, a pretty useful feature. 🙂

I don’t think it is necessary to purchase the premium membership ever. Most of my friends got 3-4 free upgrades! I got one myself! It’d be cool if WhatsApp gives free memberships forever. 😛

nikesh January 24, 2014

For windows, we have this feature,quite easy.
I am not sure for symbian however

Arun Sathiya January 25, 2014

Can you tell me how one can change the number on WhatsApp? I’ll update the same in the post. 🙂