How to check whats new with Orkut?

Recently Google has started a page to let Orkut users look up what is new with their services. Obviously one can follow the official Orkut Blog but most users might want to just look up a single page and check if they missed anything. As you all know that Orkut does not change a lot of things. Definitely they do not change things around every day for us but once every few days.

You can now look up what is new with Orkut by visiting

This is probably showing Google’s intention of leveraging Orkut a little bit as many Orkut users might be using Orkut but not know its integration with Google Chrome and Picassa.

You can visit that page for the latest from Orkut or you can always leave it to Orkut Diary to write about the latest happenings on Okrut. 😉


jaganmangat August 20, 2010

orkut is a nice social networking site but people are crazy about facebook,google should do something to make it more fun and interesting,orkut official blog

saravana September 26, 2010

i have deleted my photos and its comments from my friends in orkut because of virus threat recently, i tried to retrieve but im failed so please tell me is there any solution to retrieve my photos and its comments