How to reset your BlackBerry ID password [Direct Link]

Are you trying to login to your BlackBerry ID from your smartphone and getting a wrong username/password error again and again? Then it’s always a good idea to reset you password after 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts or else your ID will be blocked. We will tell you how you can reset your Blackberry ID password in just […]

Beware! Orkut Hackers Sending Fake eMails!

Beware all Orkut users! Now hackers are sending friend request emails that look similar to any genuine Orkut email. Below are screen shots of emails sent by hackers: At first, you might find similarities in both the emails, but on a closer observation, I found that all the links in that mail that came to […]

Some Preventive Measures you should follow to not get Hacked!

If you are a follower of the Orkut Help Group, you must be aware how, in the recent days, many Orkut accounts were being hacked and as such, help group was flooded with questions on how these types of automatic account deletion and hacking cases should be handled. To help people on tackling such hacking […]