How to create polls on Facebook

For me, Facebook is just like an apple iphone. Facebook hasn’t provided you with all the features by default but you can use as many applications as you require making it more user friendly. Just for example, I am going to explain here is a feature, which can be used to make polls on your Facebook profile that can be answered by anybody on Facebook.

You can use the application “Living Social” for this, which is simple and easy to use. Use this link to go to the application page.

Creating a Poll:

Step 1: Go to the application (click here) and choose a category. Use general if it’s not mentioned on the list. Click next to make possible answers for your question.

Step 2: Enter your question and select next.

Step 3: Now search for your answers and use them as options for your question. If not mentioned on the list by default then use “Don’t see what you want? Add your own!” Check out the screen shot below.

facebook-logo - Copy

Step 4: Type your answer and select an image from your computer. Image for each option is compulsory. Use at least two options to complete your poll.

Step 5: Publish your question. Publishing your question will make the poll visible to all your friends. You may also invite some friends to take the quiz.

That’s it; now your question will be on your friend’s homepage.

LINK: Living Social


Vivek September 2, 2009

i was wondering since long whether facebook has this sort of app or not.This would really help a user like me get views of my friends about alot of stuff.Thanks a ton for exploring this feature…:D

sauravjit September 2, 2009


No problem dude 😀