How to create pop-up window in html (for blogger blogs)

html_logo“Pop-Ups” one of the most important and useful thing in our blogs and websites which can be used to give source or credits, references, making contact us button or anything you want to make create but don’t need a separate browser window. Below is the method by which you can create a basic pop up which you can re-direct to any page you want.

All you need to make a pop-up in HTML is to copy the code given below and paste it where you want to give the link of pop-up.


Click Here to download notepad file of the html code.


Change the link to the desired page you wants to open with your pop-up.

Change the desired width and height.

Change toolbar, statusbar, scrollbar e.t.c according to your requirements.

I think that was simple enough, for any further clarification kindly drop us a comment. 🙂

CREDITS: The above code is generated by Automatic Pop Up Generator.


Sourish Nath September 23, 2009

That code comes really handy for blogger blogs.Also for other sites with little tweaks

sauravjit September 25, 2009

Everything is handy for blogger blogs 🙂

Rofl Stuffz October 5, 2009

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been looking for several hours for a code or script that would work with blogger to open a new window to play Youtube videos in. I’ve tried at least 10 so far but this one was the only one that remotely worked.

sauravjit October 5, 2009

Rofl Stuffz
Your Welcome 🙂

Samantha December 1, 2009

Hello when I preview my post the pop up window shows up just, however when i click on view blog the pop up window doesn’t appear. Can you help me please.

Imaadh January 30, 2010

peace be upon you. can you please clear my doubt.
i have added a picture widget and i have added a link to it. and what i want is it to open in a pop up window. hope for a quick reply

sauravjit January 30, 2010

Download the notepad given above and change the desired link 🙂

Prasad February 22, 2010

Nice working code it will reduce loading time of my blog
Thanx A Lot

Sterling February 23, 2010

How can I get the link to pop up in a new window? Thanks.

Sterling February 23, 2010

My link is not opening in a new window. It’s just changing the page. How can I have the link open in the new window? You can see it on my blog. Thanks.

Sauravjit April 22, 2010

there must be something wrong with the code you are using, read the post carefully again as it’s tested and working.

naveen May 27, 2010

I have a doubt i want my blog to be opened with a popup ,,so do you have any code where some one open my blog and this pop up opens automatically.

Sauravjit May 31, 2010

No this is just a code to use a manual pop-up, but take my advice don’t use automatic popups or popunders as that will irritate your visitors a lot.

America News July 5, 2010

Thanx So Much For Giving This Code

datta August 23, 2010

Hi sauravjit ,
Thanks for the code
This is a code that i find many times…
thanks again
i want to know that can i put google adsence html script into it..
is work or not…
reply please

Ren September 28, 2010

Well datta i dont think you can do so since Google adsense is a script not a link.
Here Link is jus as in Website forwarding etc.
Google adsense is itself a widget!
I hope its clear

Datta October 4, 2010

Thanks Ren..I understand..very again

Abheesh October 3, 2010

plz help me i tried a lot but i cant able to find such a code that i want, when some one open my blog and the pop up window also opens automatically.

Abheesh October 5, 2010

Dear Frnd,

I would like to crate a pop window , whwnever my site is open that pop up window also open with my site, can u plz tel me how to crate a popup window like that….

DT Strain October 7, 2010

Thanks for this! Two things:

1) Although I have “resizeable” as a “no”, it still allows me to resize the popup. I’m using Firefox, which could be the issue.

2) In order to make a page for the popup to display, I had to create another post. So, when the popup comes up, inside it can be seen the banner, menus, etc like a whole other page. Is there a way to have the popup show ONLY text?

Thanks 🙂

Ravi December 28, 2010

Thanks Buddy , I am really in search of this code !

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

Your Welcome!! 🙂

Anand January 21, 2011

in dis pag as “home, services advertise,login”….lik dat i creatd livetv in my blog fr to relat web…but how can i add javascript code (fr each TVchannel-code had) to dat window….

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

These are the categories showing up there.

ain February 22, 2011


How to show pop-up windows to prevent someone to copy something in our blog?

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

Disable right click on your blog. 🙂

Charlie March 21, 2011

This is perfect for a website window, but I would like to know how to make a YouTube pop-up. Like where it opens up as just a YouTube video, not really a window. And the webpage is darkened.

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

Embed your youtube video code to the pop-up window.

estilosweb March 25, 2011

nice blogger tips. thanks for the script.

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

Welcome 🙂

doniale April 15, 2011

it is not exictly as i know!

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

Not working for u??

arge985 April 20, 2011

thank u man thank is what exactly i was looking for …

Sauravjit April 20, 2011

Your welcome buddy 🙂

jame77 May 2, 2011

great way to keep ur visitors indide ur side .. thanks

Jason May 3, 2011

Thank you so much. It took a bit of time for me to figure it out, but this worked perfectly!

Sauravjit May 3, 2011

Your welcome 🙂

Prasanth S Pushpa May 13, 2011

Can you help me automatic on load popup window is actually what i am looking for..

these are my blogs pls help me to do this thanks in advance..

Sauravjit May 14, 2011

It’s of no use cuz it’ll be blocked automatically by the pop-up blocker.

SF97 May 22, 2011

for those who want an image that if you click it opens popup it’s easy

replace return false and everything after it for this:

return false”>

you can adjust width and height

SF97 May 22, 2011

sorry for my other comment lol, I made a mistake,

for those who want an image that if you click it opens popup it’s easy
replace return false and everything after it for this:

return false”>

rahul May 28, 2011

please tell me that how can i insert more than one url link in any word ?? Please give me by example.

as in email word i inserted 1 link “”

But i wana insert 2 links in email &

how to do that please give me html link of that.

Sauravjit July 25, 2011

You have to use two separate words for that. One word can contain only one link!

Chris Toler July 2, 2011

I used to use Apture, until it stopped making a pop-up generator.
I entered your code and all of my old Pop-ups are working again!
Thank you!

I don’t know how to create new ones, though. Where do I enter the link to “pop up?”

Thanks, Chris

sou July 25, 2011

I’m new in the blogging but this codec works very good.

I want to open a pop up window and there you read a text not to go in a new site.
How can I do that?

RadioRack August 11, 2011

NOT sure what Blogger you all are using, I get a XML error! Big Time!

Thanks, for………….

Saurabh Rai August 26, 2011

is it really working

Nikskie September 6, 2011

hi, i’ve tried the code but blogger rejected it. what should i do?
thank a lot

Sauravjit September 6, 2011

What error are you getting?

Patrice September 24, 2011

how to give the focus to the pop up window ? I want it remains visible. It is a tool for me:
I use but it doesn’t work in Blogger, it seems…
Thank you by advance.

Patrice September 24, 2011

My code has been deleted:
I use “” but it doesn’work in Blogger
(body body onblur=”window.focus();”)

Arena Liga October 4, 2011

Yes… cannot use on blogger

tanveer October 4, 2011

how to i create a popup subscriber box in blogger

Pradeep October 22, 2011

Looking for this from several days……

Manu jain November 19, 2011

Hey Hi
I want to ask a ques.
When i share the link of my blog
no thumbnails are shown in it. I have added 2 photos via post + a photo has been added to d blog. Please help me

Dhruv December 11, 2011

I am not getting a popup. the page is opening in the same window. If you happen to check on blog, its the Give feedback link, in the first post. Thanks.

Cricic Dude March 17, 2012

Handy indeed.

Imran March 17, 2012

Hey is there any plugin with the option or feature to add a Facebook page with minimal code stuff? This works fine but I need to create a separate html page to show my page on pop-up

sauravjit March 17, 2012

Plugins are used in WordPress not in Blogger..

ewew April 7, 2012

where to paste that code ?

amar December 7, 2012

how can i make more than 1 page pop-ups when i click on the link?

Henry Wood January 30, 2013

I have downloaded the notepad code. The pop up window have not shown by clicking on view blog option. Please help me.

Vivek Vaishnav January 31, 2013

Hi, this is cool trick. I really love your website.
I have a question please help me: I want to add facebook like popup window in my Blog . Please give me html code.