How To Stop Those Useless Notifications from Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a good way to interact with a number of people at the same time. You can share a post, photos, videos, events, documents simultaneously or you can even ask a questions. But a negative point of these groups is that admins or your friends can add you in  a group without your permission […]

How to find who unfriend you on Facebook [without app]

Last week we told you that how you can Backup or Export all your Facebook contacts with their E-Mail using a Yahoo! account. If you missed it you can read it here. Exporting contacts is a part of this tutorial so you have to read it before proceeding further. The good thing about this method […]

[How-To] Share your Facebook Photos on WordPress Blog

Facebook has become the place of interest for internet users to hang around, play games, network, share photos and more. It’s quite a common trend that everyone uploads their pictures on Facebook. If you are willing to show those photos on your WordPress powered blog, this is the right tutorial for you. 🙂 Get the […]

[SVN] Simplest Way To Restore (Revert) Deleted Files/Directories

SVN (Subversion) is a version control system that is used by WordPress and thus by all our developers at rtCamp. Many a times, while cleaning up our repositories, we end up deleting the wrong files and/or directories. If a top-level directory gets deleted accidentally, one usually starts sweating! The simplest command to restore/revert deleted file/directory in […]

How to create solid color square box more effectively using filters in Photoshop

In this post we see how to create solid color box more effectively by using some filters. You can create this effect in simple four–five steps. So here I show you the simple and unique box effect. First create a new file in Photoshop. Create a solid color box in your work area you can […]

How to Create Image Reflection in Photoshop

We can see many types of tutorial about Image Reflection in Photoshop. You can create this effect by using layer mask and gradient effect. In this post we can see how to create Image Reflection in an easier way. You can create Image Reflection effect in a few simple steps. I will show steps by […]

How To Create Widgets For Your Blog Using Wolfram Alpha

Internet today is dominant with search engines, with every search engine fighting hard to grab their share of market. But in this fight, there is one search engine that stands apart-Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha, which was launched last year in May, has quietly created a niche for itself by providing calculable knowledge available to everyone. […]