[How To] Disable Google Talk Popup Chat Windows in Orkut

Sometime back Orkut added complete support for Google-Talk popup chat windows. This is different than earlier Google Talk integration where your Orkut friends gets added to Google Talk chat list automatically.

This recent integration opens all active Google Talk chat windows when you move from one Orkut window to another Orkut window seamlessly. This integration also works while switching between Gmail and Orkut.

I personally find this very annoying as I keep open Gmail all the time and prefer to use Gmail chat version of Google Talk. Everytime I open an Orkut page, I have to close these annoying popup chat windows. So I wanted a way out where I can disable these popup chat windows and still have my all Orkut friends get added to Google Talk friend-list automatically.


Disabling these popup chats on Orkut is just a click away.

Simply set your Google Talk status on Orkut as offline. This will not affect your status on Gmail and elsewhere.


Orkut - Disable Google Talk Popup Chat