How to know if someone has blocked you on facebook !

There are many reasons you may be blocked by some of your friends on facebook. Here is a post intended to know who blocked you on facebook.  In this post we will try to cover most of the tricks used to find the person who have blocked you on facebook.


Step 1: According to official facebook announcement

People you have blocked will not be able to interact with you on Facebook. Any Facebook friendships or relationships you currently have with that person will be broken. Note that blocking someone may not prevent all communications and interactions in applications, and does not extend to elsewhere on the Internet.

So it clears that if someone has blocked you on facebook then people may not able to communicate or interact with facebook. So if any person suddenly stops any communication with you then you can assume that he/she may have blocked you. But this method works only if you already a friend of him or his otherwise it won’t work.

Ok, the point above suggests how to know if someone has blocked you on  facebook, but what if he/she is not already a friend of yours ? There are some other steps are there to know if he/she blocked you.

Step 2: Try search a person on search engine with his name followed by facebook with quotation mark ex: P.K.ARUN Facebook” . If search engine indexes his profile then he/she may comes in search result click on the result without log-in to you’re current account on facebook and see whether he/she is active on facebook or not if he/she is active then you may be blocked.

Step 3: Try to ask mutual friend whether he/she is active or online for a weeks together. If the reply is yes then you’re sure blocked with the specific person who are not able to see online for a weeks together suddenly.

Step 4: Another method is creating a new facebook account and searching for his profile if he/she comes in the search result, send a friend request to them if they approve your request this show he/she is active in facebook but not for your account.

I think this are the only possible methods that can be used to find a blocked person in facebook. If you come across new tricks, do share it with your comments.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Arun Kumar. He writes about technology at abouttricks

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P.K.ARUN December 30, 2009

thanks dude…

ABHI August 25, 2010


Gail Liefer February 2, 2011

I want to see who has blocked me from there facebook that was on my friend list

ALON March 20, 2011

i have been blocked on facebook by a person i know that is reporting me as a spammer
i know this person personally , he told me that his is going to block me,
tell a couple of his friends to report me as a spammer ,
he is blocking my friends also .we had a quarrel an since then he is abusing me , is there a help center that can help ?

chike March 26, 2011

i want to know who has blocked me on the facebook

y01s August 20, 2011

what if someone that i don’t know block me, how do i know about it??
for exemple someone posted my profile in a group and told the members to block this person!!

Muhammad Suleman May 26, 2012

My friend has suddenly disappeared from Facebook.I have tried finding from other ID,but invain.ALso I have gone through the lists of one of my mutual friends,but still there is on such name…I ‘m worried..I ‘ve also searched on google…Plz help me ?how can I find him/her

Robin October 24, 2012

These are very old tricks i am searching for an app that can perform all these stuffs :