How to Delete Your Search History on Facebook

Usually when I want to search for a Facebook page or friend, I just look them up on the search feature. Facebook itself uses stuff that we searched on the site to push ads and related posts on our feeds. Facebook allows users to check their activity on their account. This includes all the search […]

Stop getting useless notifications from a post on Facebook [How-to]

The latest trend on Facebook these days is to tag friends on a picture in order to get more likes and comments. Tagging friends on a picture is the best way to share it with large number of people on Facebook but most of the times it annoys users mainly because of the comment notifications […]

How to customize your Facebook sidebar

With latest design change in Facebook, you can customize your homepage’s sidebar with your favorite pages and groups or you can even delete default buttons given there. Customizing your sidebar according to your needs will definitely make Facebook easier to use and hence will take less time to visit your favorite pages and groups or […]

How to get back your old Facebook privacy settings

Recently Facebook changed all it’s privacy settings and by default your personal information like wallposts, photos, profile pics, info e.t.c became visible to everyone who’s on Facebook. But this new privacy feature isn’t irreversible, you can easily get back your private and protected profile back, just follow the steps given below. Step 1: From your […]

More tips to be a ‘Don’ in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is one of the best games (real-time Games) available on the Facebook just as Farmville and all. It’s an interesting game which shows the life in a mafia, with the terrible sounds of guns and smell of blood! The aim in this game is to be a powerful Don in the mafia family. […]

How to know if someone has blocked you on facebook !

There are many reasons you may be blocked by some of your friends on facebook. Here is a post intended to know who blocked you on facebook.  In this post we will try to cover most of the tricks used to find the person who have blocked you on facebook. Step 1: According to official […]

How to Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page?

You may have heard that Facebook gives importance to Privacy. That’s the reason why many of us like it. They allows us to customize most of the widgets and information in the profile page easily. But had you ever thought that you could even edit the widget like the ‘Friends’ box, which shows random result. […]

Add Facebook Events To Google Calender

Facebook now a days has became a social networking necessity rather than a just another social networking tool. No wonder, half of the people open Facebook as the first site while starting up their browsers in the morning. Facebook has all the features which one can expect from a social networking website. One of the […]