How to Delete Your Search History on Facebook

Usually when I want to search for a Facebook page or friend, I just look them up on the search feature. Facebook itself uses stuff that we searched on the site to push ads and related posts on our feeds.

Facebook allows users to check their activity on their account. This includes all the search activity on your account.

Access your search activity on Facebook

Login to your Facebook profile and click on the  Activity Log button.

That will show you a list of all your Facebook activity. On the right hand left hand side column you will see a drop-down to select Apps and Posts. From the list select “Search”.

Update: The image below is from an older Facebook design. The Posts and Apps shows up on the left-hand side now. You can simply visit the correct setting clicking on this link.

Now you can see all your search activity nearly categorized under its relevant date. You can delete search activity by clicking on the “Clear Searches” button or delete the queries one by one.

I guess by clearing the Facebook search history, I should expect Facebook not to use that data to serve me ads. I am not sure if Facebook does that or not but there is no harm in trying. 🙂

Facebook is definitely going to treat what people search for on its website with a lot more seriousness than before. It will surely be part of any monetization plan on their mobile platform in the future, so it might not be a bad idea to actually remove your search history on it.


Stop getting useless notifications from a post on Facebook [How-to]

The latest trend on Facebook these days is to tag friends on a picture in order to get more likes and comments. Tagging friends on a picture is the best way to share it with large number of people on Facebook but most of the times it annoys users mainly because of the comment notifications they start getting after the tag.

Well not just the post, you will start getting notifications even if you comment of someone’s status, picture or any post. Let’s see how you can stop such notifications.

How to stop getting useless notifications?

  1. Open the picture or post you’re tagged in or any other post where you’ve posted a comment.
  2. On that post, there will be a link ‘Unfollow Post’ given with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ links, click on that. This ‘Unfollow Post’ link will be there only if you are getting notifications from that post, else it will not appear. Check the screenshot below:

Once you click the ‘Unfollow Post’ link, you will be unsubscribed from that post and Facebook will not send any notification to you related to that post. Same thing can be done for tagged pictures as well. You will still be tagged but you will not get any notification. If you want to get notifications again; click on ‘Follow Post’. This link will appear when you click on ‘Unfollow Post’.

So next time there’s no need to remove a tag, you just have to click a link that’s it. 🙂


How to extract actual link of a video on Facebook

If you want to upload your videos somewhere then Facebook is an alternate option too after websites like youtube and megavideo. You can upload any video on it and share it with your friends as well on your website or anyone on the net. But if you don’t know how to share it with people who are not on Facebook have a look at the method below.

How to extract video link:

Upload a video on Facebook or open an existing video. Now click on ’embed this video’ given below that video.

Also make sure that your video is Public. That means everyone on the internet can see it. If your video is private then this tutorial will be of no use as one must login to Facebook to see that.

Now copy the Embed code and paste it somewhere like on notepad. For example the embed code for my video is:


<object width=”400″ height=”300″ ><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true” /><param name=”movie” value=”″ /><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”400″ height=”300″></embed></object>

You Embed code will be like this only, except some change in video link. See the above Embed code, the actual link of my video is the value in it, that is:


You can click on the link to see that video even if you are not logged into Facebook. The video will be in its maximum size but full screen option won’t work here.


This video link might not be useful for all of you but you can use it in some cases like:

  1. Sharing a video where you don’t want people to know that who uploaded it.
  2. Sharing it as a comment on different websites.
  3. Sending the video to people who are not in your friend’s list.
  4. Sharing a video on different pages on Facebook.
  5. Sharing it on your website without embedding and not uploading on Youtube in order to keep limited viewers.

Don’t forget to share your views with us!

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How to customize your Facebook sidebar

With latest design change in Facebook, you can customize your homepage’s sidebar with your favorite pages and groups or you can even delete default buttons given there. Customizing your sidebar according to your needs will definitely make Facebook easier to use and hence will take less time to visit your favorite pages and groups or other links. Let’s see how you can edit your sidebar.

Follow these steps:

Open your Facebook homepage and see your sidebar as shown here. Leave FAVORITES for now and roll over your mouse to any link given under APPS, GROUPS or PAGES. You will see a pen like mark with every link click that to add it to your Favorites. That will now appear with your FAVORITE links like News Feed, Messages e.t.c. If you can’t see any particular group or page that you want to add to your Favorites, you can click on ‘More’ that will appear when you roll over your mouse where GROUPS and PAGES are written.

Once you have added your Favorite links you can go on your FAVORITES and click on that Pen Mark again and click re-arrange. After that Drag and Drop your links and arrange them according to your usage. You can also remove any particular link except ‘News Feed’ by clicking ‘Remove from Favorites’.

You can remove an application or group from sidebar by clicking the same button and selecting ‘Remove app’ or ‘Leave Group’ respectively. There’s no option for removing pages directly.

This customizing will be helpful for you if you admin some Facebook Pages or Groups as you can see number of Notifications on your page directly on your sidebar without visiting them.


How to get back your old Facebook privacy settings

Recently Facebook changed all it’s privacy settings and by default your personal information like wallposts, photos, profile pics, info e.t.c became visible to everyone who’s on Facebook. But this new privacy feature isn’t irreversible, you can easily get back your private and protected profile back, just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: From your Facebook’s homepage, go to Settings>> Privacy Settings or simply click here.


Step 2: Now go to ‘Profile Information’ in Privacy Settings page and select ‘Only Friends’ option given on right in each row with the info like about me, personal info.

Step 3: For ‘Photo Albums’ click ‘Edit Settings button given with it and select ‘Only Friends’ again for each of the album listed there. Click save settings for albums.


Step 4: Now again go to  Settings>> Privacy Settings, click on ‘Contact Information’ this time.

Step 5: Again select ‘Only Friends’ for each option except for ‘Add me as a friend’ and ‘Send me a message’. Select ‘Everyone’ for both of them.

That’s it, your Facebook profile will be private again. You can also select any option which you want to share with some or all of them on Facebook by simply selecting ‘Friends of Friends or ‘Everyone’ except for ‘Only Friends’.


More tips to be a ‘Don’ in Mafia Wars

Mafia-Wars-PowerMafia Wars is one of the best games (real-time Games) available on the Facebook just as Farmville and all. It’s an interesting game which shows the life in a mafia, with the terrible sounds of guns and smell of blood! The aim in this game is to be a powerful Don in the mafia family.

Few days back I read the post Tips to Be Powerful In Mafia War by Xphunt3r. Here are few more tips which could help you to be a powerful Don in mafia Wars.

Tip 1 : Make Use of the Bank


This is the best tip i got from playing the game for all these days. Before you leave your PC after playing the game, put all your cash into the bank. A 10% laundering fee will be taken by the bank, but if you put the cash there, it would be safe from all the threats. If you make use of the bank, you don’t need to fear about your defense skills because if all your money is out on the bank, the attackers can’t rob anything from you. So, there won’t be any loss, even if someone attacks you and you loss the fight.

Tip 2 : Catch the Loots


p style=”text-align: center”>Loot items are some items which you can’t buy with the money you have. These weapons can only be gained by doing jobs which have a loot icon near them (see the picture to see the loot icon). They are very rare weapons and can do better in fights and attacks.
Loot items on mafia wars

Tip 3 : Attack is the Best defense

Never give others a chance for an attack. When your energy becomes empty, before leaving your PC, try to take part in some Fights with other gangsters around you. You should buy and use all kind of latest weapons and must ice them till your screen shows an ‘Nothing Personal…….’ window 🙂mafia

Tip 4 : Grow your Mafia

Growing your mafia is very good to increase your strength. If you have some time, chat with others and include them in your mafia. I’m one of the players who doesn’t have much time to contact or invite others to my mafia and therefore I am suffering. So try to grow your mafia to be stronger.


Tip 5 : Buy Properties- They are the Golden Goose


Buying properties cold really help you to increase your bank balance. I have told you this is a real time game, so as  everything else, this is also realistic. You can purchase various properties with the cash that you own. They can generate a lot of cash once you have bought it. I’m making most of my cash in this game, through the properties. If you have a 5 star hotel at a beach front property or a office building at the downtown, you can earn more without any blood shed.

These are only some of the tips  found by playing this game. If you are also a player of this game, you can too add the tips that you found, here. Mention them in the comments and i’l add them to the post if they are appropriate 🙂

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How to know if someone has blocked you on facebook !

There are many reasons you may be blocked by some of your friends on facebook. Here is a post intended to know who blocked you on facebook.  In this post we will try to cover most of the tricks used to find the person who have blocked you on facebook.


How to Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page?

You may have heard that Facebook gives importance to Privacy. That’s the reason why many of us like it. They allows us to customize most of the widgets and information in the profile page easily.

But had you ever thought that you could even edit the widget like the ‘Friends’ box, which shows random result. Facebook has options for this too. Even though many other social networking sites like like orkut, twitter etc too have these features, only Facebook values our privacy and helps us customize this.
Friend boxes in other social sites
Remember that, there are many users who evaluate you, just by looking at your friends. They may rate you just by checking your friends. If they see a ‘John Chow’ or ‘Problogger’, you may be someone respectful for them and if your profile shows pictures of your colleagues (it’s random, so it can be anyone), they will surely skip you. So instead of all these just highlight the pictures of some friends, whom everyone respects and make others see only them in your ‘Friends’ box, in the profile page.

This is not a trick but it is just an option provided by Facebook itself. With this, you can Display Pictures of selected friends only on your Facebook Profile Page.

  • Go to and sign-in to your profile
  • Scroll down the cursor and find the ‘Friends’ labeled box
  • Now, you may see the picture of a pencil in the right hand side of the title (see the picture)

Display selected friends only in your facebok profile, always !

  • Now, you may see a new drop-down menu
  • select the box  ‘Always show these friends’
  • Type-in the name of your friends whom you want to show in your facebook profile page permanently.

If you want to show the selected friends only, just select them as told here and in the ‘Show 6 Friends’, change the number to the number of friends you selected. Then the box can only display the friends you selected.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Rajeelkp, alias Reji. He is a teen blogger who blogs at labofweb. He loves web, blogging and social networking sites.

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Add Facebook Events To Google Calender

Facebook now a days has became a social networking necessity rather than a just another social networking tool. No wonder, half of the people open Facebook as the first site while starting up their browsers in the morning. Facebook has all the features which one can expect from a social networking website. One of the most crucial features of Facebook are the events.


Events were introduced in Facebook to make a bridge between the cyber social newtorking and the real life events and parties. With the help of events, you can create an online invitation of your party or function and can invite guests.

But Google Calender has been doing all the remembering thing for us, for ages. Let it be remembering birthdays of our pals, or remembering important meetings. Wouldn’t it be easy, if in any way, Facebook events and Google Calender can be synchronized? Well, there is a way:

  • Click your left bar on Facebook and go to Events.
  • Click on Export Events on the top.


  • You’ll get a url. That will be of iCal format. But it doesn’t matter for now. Note it down.
  • Login to your google calender.
  • Click ADD on the lower left side and then click Add from url.

google calender

  • Copy the url which Facebook gave you.
  • And you’re DONE!

Now, your Google Calender and Facebook Events are synchronized. All your Facebook events data will be now handled by Google Calender. Happy Facebooking!

[Editor’s Note: This post is written by our guest blogger Rishabh Agarwal. He is an engineer by profession and web designer by choice along with being a Linux enthusiast.

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