How to Know your First Status Message on Facebook

Well, for how long you have been on Facebook? Two years or may be more than that. And after so many years and zillions of status updates you now want to see the first one. My suggestion ‘do not click’ on any such link.

Yes, off late you must be seeing an update on many of your friend’s wall saying my first status update was so and so. The truth is that this is one more spam.

How did i know it was a Spam?

  • It prompted me to choose from a set of options to download. Remember no logical site asks you to download any other thing.
  • When I noticed on other friend’s wall many of the status messages matched. Hence showing that it’s a fake one. šŸ™‚
  • Once clicked on allow, it does not let you go back to your page and whether you complete the download or not it displays the fake thing on your wall any way.

How to avoid the spam?

  • The best part is this spam is not viral. Until and unless you click on it, it does not spread on its own.
  • Best way to avoid is by not clicking. Always think before you click!

How to find your first status message on Facebook?

There is just one way to do that. šŸ™‚ Keep scrolling down in your Facebook profile, by clicking older posts to the date you find your first message! Yes there is no shortcut for this information.

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