5 Websites to learn Computer Languages for Free!

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It is no more a hidden fact that Internet comes along with a lot of services for almost everyone who uses it. In this league, we even get to learn a variety of Computer languages without even moving away from the PC, and above that, Internet brings us all that for FREE!

#1.  Wikibooks

The Computing section on Wikibooks deals with books on Computer Languages as well as other related books.

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#2.  LandofCode

LandofCode offers tutorial based courses in languages ranging from PHP to scripting languages like HTML. It even offers a Real-time code editor to let you see how your code works.

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#3. WebMonkey

With courses in HTML 5, AJAX, jQuery and much more, WebMonkey is the right portal for you to learn quick.

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#4. W3Schools

W3Schools is a popular portal among the student community to learn languages in Web and Multimedia domain through easy tutorials.

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#5. Free-ed

Free-ed College of Computers & Information Technology provides courses in many languages such as Visual Basic, C++, ASP and even Perl.

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Post your comments here if you also know of any good websites for Online Learning!

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