Inbox Pause: Hold on incoming Email temporarily for better productivity

If you get a lot of Email daily, then you must also be spending a lot of time in reading and replying to them. The problem is, the constant stream of incoming Email make it hard to concentrate on doing that.


Inbox Pause is a nice little Chrome extension which solves this by adding a pause button in Gmail. Just hit the blue ‘Pause’ button in Gmail’s side bar, authorize the app through your Google account and the service will become active.

In short, it’ll aggregate all your incoming Email and show it when you resume it. You get to see a yellow bar on the top when the service goes active, notifying you to click the ‘Unpause’ button to stop the service.

You can also setup an automated message for incoming mail, but I think it hardly helps in any way, as people mostly end up sending a chat message if it’s urgent.

The extension is made by the same people who developed Boomerang for Gmail, a very popular plugin for scheduling Emails.

How do you handle Email overload? Put that in the comments.

Link: Inbox Pause