Apple’s iCloud to Legalize Pirated Music!

icloud_logoApple has yesterday, announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) the new cloud storage service called iCloud. This iCloud service has been anticipated and expected for a while now.

With iPod, iPhones and more recently iPads, there may be more than one Apple device which people might use everyday. This raises the need for having a cloud service that syncs across all devices.

iCloud Features

  • The iCloud service is free with iOS 5. This means if your Apple device runs on iOS 5, then it will have iCloud.
  • The service plans to give storage space of up to 5GB.
  • The interesting part of iTunes Match with iCloud, will be that it will match all the music files you have ripped and make iTunes files which are supposed to be better available for you to use. All this will cost $24.99.
  • This basically means that with iCloud, you can legalize your pirated music content, if you have some of it on your Apple device.
  • This part could get interesting when copyright holders might ask Apple, how they plan to share this revenue with them that they collect with iTunes Match.

But is iCloud really worth all the hype…

I am afraid, that it is not really anything revolutionary and mostly disappointing. Cloud storage, means storing something online and forgetting about it until you need it. I have stored files with Dropbox, and do not check those folders for months, until I decide to back up or store some critical files and photos on it.

iCloud, will only store the files for 30 days, until which you users can download the files and sync their devices. So technically all the files are stored in the device itself and uses cloud only to sync them across different devices.

So maybe iCloud should have actually been called iSync. 😉

What are you views on iCloud? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Apple iCloud


Suhas June 7, 2011

I’m pretty sure that Apple will ONLY stream the music that you have purchased.

If what you are telling is true… It would take hours to sync your library to the cloud..

Aditya Kane June 8, 2011

No, Apple will not only stream music that users have purchased. That is being done already with iCloud for free, why would someone pay $25 extra for that.