[IE9 Launched] Last chance for Microsoft to save Internet Explorer!

No RC, no beta this time; finally I did get to download Internet Explorer 9. In my article “Internet Explorer awaiting launch on March 14th!” I had mentioned about a launch party at SXSW in Texas.

Finally IE9 was made available to all throughout the World in 39 languages by Dean Hachamovitch (Corporate Vice President of Internet Explorer) since March 14, 9 PM (PST).

With more than 40 million downloads for the pre-release versions, Microsoft has been excited about this launch.

But, is IE9 really going to prove to be a winner? Despite all the claims of IE9 being the best browser around, Microsoft must be knowing that if they do not get IE9 right, it will pretty much end Internet Explorer for good. This is literally the last roll of dice for Internet Explorer.


On one hand IE9 claims drastic improvements over previous versions, while on the other hand it still lacks the edge!

Some positive signs for IE9!

The main positive sign for IE9 seems to be that it has been appreciated quite a bit by many users. Also Internet Explorer’s fate seems to be tied to Windows OS versions. We saw IE7 bomb, thanks to Vista being not such a popular OS. IE8 was more successful thanks to Windows 7 doing quite well. IE9 and its success might finally depend on the success of the next Windows version.

Internet Explorer 9 launch video

Do post your valuable comments and thoughts whether IE9 is seriously going the leading way or just another pitfall for Microsoft!

Link: Download IE 9

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  1. no ie9 cnnt cmpte othr brwsr bcse thre r many imprtnt ftrs whch r not prsnt in ie9 like passwrd prtction, master password, save and quit tab etc.if ms add all the ftrs of othr brswers in ie9 then we can say tht ie9 is al in one browser bt ms fails in it……………………………..

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