Microsoft finally takes browsers seriously with Internet Explorer 9

Last year Microsoft launched its browser Internet Explorer 8; it received more brickbats than flowers. Let us face it, it did not consolidate Internet Explorer’s browser market share and not did perform better than the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Now Internet Explorer 9 is out and will have some interesting innovations and I thought I should try it out and see how good it really is.

About Internet Explorer 9

  • There are many changes expected with IE 9, and one of them is to make it safer and more compliant to the dominating web technologies in present day. For this reason IE 9 will not work on Windows XP. This will have a double fall out as many customers with XP will one more reason to upgrade to Windows 7.
  • I took a peek at it’s testing environment for IE 9 and found it much faster than IE8. Internet Explorer seemed to be no where in the league as far as speed was concerned but with IE9 they seem to want to deliver that.
  • IE 9 will be highly compliant to HTML 5 technology and that is apparent considering it is aimed at scoring high on tests carried on browser with respect to HTML 5 technology. One of the main criteria it will face will be the Acid3 test which Chrome. It did not do as well as Chrome is doing now but remember IE9 is still in early development mode.
  • In doing a bit of exploring it seems to have some novel graphics features which will allow easy text zooming and image exploring. On early usage of Image exploring it looked like a similar version of CoolIris add-on with Chrome.

I will be writing a detailed post on Internet Explorer 9 version’s platform preview soon which allows you a peek at IE9 and some of it’s feature.

In the mean time you can visit their test drive page for IE9 and drop in your comments here with what you think IE 9 needs to address if it has to compete against browsers like Firefox and Chorme when it comes to performance.


Puneet Jain March 17, 2010

I am quite happy with my windows XP and wont switch to Windows 7 for IE 9

Aditya Kane March 17, 2010

obviously switching to Windows 7 for a browser makes no sense. But I think there are many who only use their computers for internet.
As a former XP lover I never used Vista but i simply love windows 7

Sourish | Friendly Blogs March 18, 2010

Windows 7 is addictive , literally . Nobody can deny that . Not even an avid XP lover

himanshu March 17, 2010

i very happy with firefox and chrome.

sidduz March 18, 2010

This is too good, I loved IE6 and 7 later jumped to Mozilla nd then to Chrome. but of all i loved the IE interface. Will be waiting for it……

sd2 March 18, 2010

ya. as far i look IE i good until firefox is released, and firefox is good until chrome is released. But microsoft failed to give a best browsing in winodws 7. and i particularly feel that IE7 is only the big drawback for windows 7. SO let’s see..! will the microsoft overcome it by this IE9 or not..?

Aditya Kane March 18, 2010

Actually Windows 7 has IE8 as its default browser but I agree it still is the only drawback.