Hike wants to be the Indian WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very popular among Indians and that’s one of the reason why people who buy blackberries just for BBM, are decreasing. The fact that WhatsApp is cross platform, has hugely contributed to its success. It’s everywhere, even on S40 devices.

But wait, here comes Hike, a new messaging app specially targeting Indians.


So, how is Hike different from WhatsApp? In WhatsApp, you can send messages to your friend only if he has the app installed, but with Hike, you can send messages to even non-Hike users. That sounds nice, but messages to non-Hike users can be sent only by spending your Hike credits, and you get 100 Hike credits refilled every month (for free).

You can get more credits by referring your friends to the app, and also the app can’t send messages to phones with DND on. As you’ve guessed, Hike-to-Hike messaging is unlimited and international, just like WhatsApp.The app sports a sleek design and the way it links your Hike account to your phone number, instead of tumbling with usernames/pins is nice.

It uses your address book itself as a way to add buddies and they also aim to be spam-free, providing an easier way to block spammers.

The app is now Android-only, but they plan to make it available on all the major platforms – that includes iOS, WP, S60 and Blackberry.

Link: Hike


Karan July 21, 2012

I am surprised you omitted one major thing in this comparison. The fact that hike is 1000 x better looking then Whatsapp! So many reviews have been made by everyone and anyone around the world highlighting its beauty! Something I feel you totally neglected! Do read other reviews to see where I am coming from!

Vibin July 21, 2012

Design is great, no complaints at all. And I did write a line on that, “The app sports a sleek design and the….”.
I didn’t stress much on it, that’s only because Indians don’t really care so much about design. It is the Hike to non-Hike messaging which can do the magic of making users switch from WhatsApp.

Karan July 23, 2012

Hmm but do you really feel so?

Hypothetical case:
Lets assume that both Hike and Whatsapp are at the same playing field in terms of feature sets – i.e. Hike is across all platforms as Whatsapp, has file transfer and group chat. Also Whatsapp now introduces Whatsapp2SMS feature.

Another key assumption is that all your Whatsapp friends are on Hike and vice versa.

The only thing that is different is the apps Looks – Hike is as you see it and Whatsapp is like it currently is.

Question is which one would you use as your default messaging platform?

Vibin July 23, 2012

If all that actually happens, then people won’t move from WhatsApp. They’ll stay right there. And talking about myself, I use Google Talk. 🙂

Paritosh July 23, 2012

@Vibin interesting post and sure a great app. I love the UI. One of the fewest Indian apps I am liking to use. Look forward to more such reviews from you!

yash khurana October 30, 2012

Update your blog its available on WP7 & iOS stores also. Get it from get.hike.in

amit deb November 9, 2012

Are you sure it’s available for s60 ?
I use hike in my wp…my frnz from android and wp uses this…..
i’ve heard it’s going to release for s40 and blackberry too….
Better you give me the Download link for s60 to share with my friends….
If available, give the links for s40 and blackberry too….

Vibin November 9, 2012

They are planning to release their app for all platforms on 14th November. Here’s the blog post – http://hike.in/blog/engineering/servers-are-up-messaging-a-go-apps-out-on-14th-nov/. And yeah, that includes S60, Blackberry along with Android, WP and iOS.