Hike wants to be the Indian WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very popular among Indians and that’s one of the reason why people who buy blackberries just for BBM, are decreasing. The fact that WhatsApp is cross platform, has hugely contributed to its success. It’s everywhere, even on S40 devices. But wait, here comes Hike, a new messaging app specially targeting Indians. So, how […]

Gmail Chat Launching File Transfer Feature

How many of you missed file transfer feature in Gtalk when they moved from Yahoo messenger to Google talk. This is one such feature which I always wanted to have in my Google talk application and after this update from Google team : Starting today, you can share photos, documents, and other files while chatting […]

Password recovery tool for all messengers on computer

Forgetting passwords is a common problem. We have previously covered how to recover passwords from protected excel files in our past post. Here is one more I thought you might like as it covers recovering passwords from the messengers you use on the computer. If you use many chat messengers and have unique passwords for […]

Use yahoo messenger without even downloading Y! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger, one of the most popular messenger for ‘Instant Messaging’ worldwide. But the main reason why people are not able to chat everytime on Y! messenger is that they have to download the whole software and install it which is not possible all the time specially when you are using internet from a cyber […]