Instashare brings super easy file sharing to iPhones and Macs

Instashare is like AirDrop with less restrictions. It's available for Macs and iOS devices and lets you share files on Wi-Fi and bluetooth instantaneously.

If you’re an OS X user, you must have tried AirDrop sometime. It’s a feature which lets you share files between Macs, provided they’re on the same Wi-Fi network. Now, though it does work like magic, it’s very limited.

It won’t work with iOS devices at all, for that matter. Instashare tries to fix this.


It brings dead simple file sharing to iOS and Mac devices (Android app soon!). You just open the app on your iOS device, drag the file and boom, it pops up on your Mac (or any other iOS device). It’s that simple. Your devices should be connected either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It’s one of those apps which makes you think why this didn’t exist before. You could use iCloud for this, but then you have to wait for it to upload and sync and then download it. Then there is this terrible software called iPhoto which will take forever to actually work.

So, in short, Instashare works like magic and can potentially change your workflow.


The app can be downloaded for free, though there’s a paid ad-free version. A companion Android app (and may be, even Windows) is hopefully in the works.

Link: Instashare for Mac and iOS