iPad 2 vs the New iPad; which one is a better option for you

Finally the iPad 3 new iPad is in the market and once again we can see long queues outside apple stores in ten countries where Apple launched its new iPad. But as the changes are minor in this 3rd generation iPad, the crowd outside Apple Stores isn’t crazy like it was for iPad 2. Some people are happy with their iPad 2 and they are not planning to upgrade it while some already sold out their iPad 2 and got this one cuz the display of the new iPad is much better than older iPads. But which one is suitable for you, iPad 2 or the new iPad? Let’s have a look at both of them.

iPad 2:

Apple discontinued 32Gb and 64Gb versions of iPad 2 so only 16Gb model is available in the market now with a lower price than the new iPad. In United States you can get the iPad 2 Wifi only model for $399 (Rs.25000 in India) and Wifi+3G for $529 (Rs. 32500 in India) which is definitely a value for money deal. iPad 2 is itself a technically very advanced device with good processor, User Interface, Battery Life, Screen e.t.c and awesome for Applications.

iPad 2 for you?

If you work online and you need a tablet to access internet anytime and anywhere you want, with loads of additional features too then this is definitely a good option for you. iPad 2 still complete your basic needs of a tablet. iPad users don’t have the latest technology in hand but this tablet is still very powerful and with the slashed prices this is a good option for you.

The New iPad:

The new iPad is seriously a revolutionary device, the new Retina display is unbelievable and it’s the highest resolution screen on any mobile device till date. The processor is upgraded with A5X chip and there a Quadcore graphic processor as well. Camera quality is much better than iPad 2 with 5Mp iSight camera. Also this iPad is 4G compatible but this feature isn’t useful for Indian users as we are still testing our 3G connection :(. The new iPad is $100 expensive than the iPad 2.

New iPad Pictures:

New iPad for you?

This iPad is definitely for you if you are a Gamer and you like playing video games on PS and PSP, this will change everything for you with its graphic quality. Secondly this device is great for watching movies as the clarity is even better than HD TVs. This new screen will also support some new HD and high quality apps and hence you’ll have an iPad with much more features.


I must say that if you are planning to buy an iPad and you can spend $100 extra then you should definitely buy the new iPad. You get many new features and apps in new iPad and this device is way more advanced than any other tablet in the market. You are definitely going to enjoy your experience with this tablet.