iPhone4 Caught Fire While Charging

Looks like Apple’s trouble over iPhone 4 are not going to end soon. If the signal reception problem was not enough, for which Nokia took a dig at Apple, a report now claims that an iPhone 4 caught fire when a user charged it using the cable that accompanied the device.


According to the report, the brand new Apple iPhone 4 caught fire when it was being charged using a standard Apple USB cable hooked to a computer. The cable and the USB port were burnt to varying degree. The phone’s metal bezel became very hot and slightly burned the user’s hand.


Apple store has confirmed that this was a result of a defective USB port and not because of a customer error. The device will be replaced with a new one.

I sincerely hope this was the only case of its kind and has nothing to do with faulty hardware design or below standard components. Otherwise Apple will have a tough time explaining it to customers. Or they might come up with a solution like iHand. :-p

Link: BGR