Is Gmail security moved to labs?

gmail Google has a tendency of launching new services with ‘labs’ tag on it which are unreliable and incomplete and may have some loopholes, bugs and security flaws. So, there would be a big question mark onto whether the Gmail security too moving towards labs? If you remember, earlier this month we mentioned how MakeUseOf domain was hacked and the doubt behind the whole hacking, though not sure about it, was due to some flaws in Gmail. But recently, MakeUseOf website confirmed that, there are surely flaws in Gmail itself, as a result many more domains get stolen. According to them, this month alone, atleast 3-4 domains were hacked and all were some how related with Gmail. Before this post in, Blogoscoped mentioned how malicious filters could be set on your Gmail account to forward a set of mails to another id. Also, Bradon at Geekcondition explains how it is possible. According to him, by directing you to some external links one can force you to create filters in your inbox, importantly without your knowledge.

But a recent post in Google security blog, claims that there are no such flaws in Gmail rather those are just a case of phising activity. The targeted users are directed towards an external link to hack their login information and no filters  can be set by them. To prevent you from any such menace Google has put an advisory on their blog, also they say:

To keep your Google account secure online, we recommend you only ever enter your Gmail sign-in credentials to web addresses starting with, and never click-through any warnings your browser may raise about certificates.

But still there is a big question as to whether the statement by MakeUseOf and Bradon is correct or the one given by Google is correct. What do you think..? Is Gmail security moved to labs??


Pavan Kumar November 29, 2008

Whatever it be, no worries for me, my domains are with yahoo now!

Deepak Jain November 30, 2008

@Pavan Kumar
So finally you got ownership of your domain??