Undo send with Gmail for avoiding sending emails you might regret!

Here is a scenario. You had a argument with your boss and you really lost your cool. You went home had a couple of beers and wrote down an email to your boss telling him exactly what you felt about him in a very colorful language. Now after clicking on ‘Send’ you get this sinking feeling. You wish you could go back 10 seconds and avoid sending that email.

Now save contacts from Twitter and Gmail with Mozilla

Long are the days gone when all your online contacts were just Email addresses which could be downloaded on your computer thanks to a Email client. Today we have Email friends, Facebook contacts and most importantly the people you follow on Twitter. Mozilla Contacts is a extension which is still in Mozilla Labs and allows […]

Gmail introduces nested labels and sneak peeks

When Gmail was first introduced it was quite a novel experience. I remember in those days Hotmail and Yahoo email interfaces were rigid and dull when compared to the Gmail which was by invitation only and still a beta product. I started using Gmail for backing up my old email and ended up using Gmail […]

10 Ways To Give Gmail More Power

The Labs feature of Google offers more incredible useful tools, which makes Gmail even more powerful. These features can be easily enabled by clicking on Settings. Below I mentioned 10 features to give Gmail more power, which gives the real Google experience. Multiple Inboxes: You can see different sections like starred messages, drafts, unread mails, […]

Gmail Lab Introduced “Sender TimeZone”

Gmail Labs recently introduced a new features – “Sender TimeZone”. Sender TimeZone I deal with many clients from all over the world on daily basis. Most of the time it makes sense to know what time it is in clients timezone. Until now, I was using set of different timezone clocks on my Mac’s Dashboard […]

Gmail Lab Introduced “Insert Images Button”

Gmail Labs recently introduced a new features – “Insert Image Button”. Insert Images Button This feature when activated allow you to upload/insert images into email. Until now there wasn’t anyway to add images into your email from Gmail’s WYSIWYG editor. To activate this feature, simple go to Gmail >> Settings >> Labs and look for […]

Check Gmails Without Internet Connection [New Feature]

Recently released, Gmail labs feature lets you check you mails in offline mode or without internet connection making email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird obsolete to some extent. As Gmail, infact Google, has a practice of launching all its new products and experimental services under ‘labs’ tags, this time too Gmail has followed this […]

New in Gmail Labs: Covert Google Mails into Google Docs

Just activated the newly launched labs feature in Gmail: ‘Create a Document’. Using this feature, you can easily convert any mail in your Gmail inbox into a Google doc and immediately start sharing them with your friends or even publish it on the World Wide Web (WWW). As you can see on the image here, […]