Is the New orkut a clone of ‘Facebook’

You may have heard about the tight competitions between orkut and facebook. Now as a part of their competition, Orkut has updated it’s look and functions. Most of them are similar to that of Facebook. I have found several similarities and now, Let us just run through the 5 major similarities between new orkut and facebook ;

1) Status Updating System :

This is one of the best feature provided by the Facebook. Orkut has started it before, but it was not that much effective. But now, the status works similar in facebook and on Orkut. Here is the system in Orkut :


and here is it in facebook :


2.Chat Application :

The chat application that is shown in the bottom right corner of Facebook / orkut also shows similarities.

Just check their position and style ;


3.Commenting System:

This was one of the greatest features that Facebook had. As a part of the beta version of new orkut, orkut has tested this system too in it. Here is the shot of commenting system in Orkut;


and here is it in Facebook :


4.Friends suggestion tool :

This is another tool that became popular in facebook. Even-though there is a difference in appearance, this too does the same job.

of suggerion

5.Friends box :

An avatar of your friends (in a random order) on your sidebar – Under a tab named ‘friends’ or ‘my friends’. That is the common option that prevailed in both these sites from the starting itself. We can count it as one of the best similarities between these two sites.

of friends

These are only 5 major similarities, which i found in a rough look. There are still many other similarities like this.If you are able to find out any of it, then post it as comments here.We can add that too in this post.


Rannon November 27, 2009

I also noticed those similarities. The photo commenting feature was first saw on Facebook.

Ankit December 7, 2009

Orkut is copying each and every feature from Facebook and Twitter. 🙁

siddharth December 9, 2009

They are trying to add some twitter functions , too .

Hire PHP Developers India January 11, 2010

Orkut also added share post/article functioanlity likie facebook.

Simon | Teenius January 11, 2010

Sure, they’re similar, but at the end of the day there’s only so many differences you can make to a social networking site. I mean, if you were to design one now, I bet a lot of the design features would be the same.

I don’t think Orkut have neccessarily “copied” Facebook, although they may have seen what makes FB so user friendly and popular and tried to use that as an example?