Keeping your data safe on the clouds

Data loss is a nightmare for any of us. Imagine your hard disk crashing overnight for no reason and you, loosing all your hard earned data in a split second (It actually, has happened with me, once).

Scary? Well, keeping backup is the fool proof idea to keep your data safe. Today, I’m going to tell you about the best-of-the-best data backup and sync tools available on the internet which will enable you not only to back up your data, but also to access it from anywhere in the world.

  1. CrashPlan : It is available for Windows/Linux/Mac OS/Open Solaris. Extremely user friendly interface. You can back your data up offline by downloading their software and the software will automatically sync your data to the servers when you get online. crashplan
  2. Mozy : Available for Windows/Mac, It has a basic FREE pack with 2 GB of online storage for you backups. The major plus point is, it is an automatic backing up system. Once you install Mozy in your computer, and it will take backups all by itself in real time. You can however, set the frequency of the backups taken.
  3. DropBox : This is my favourite backup tool. I use it personally because it gives me seamless integration to both linux and windows backups. It is available for Windows/Linux/Mac and with a basic free plan of 2GB online storage. The best thing about drop box is, whenever you sign in for dropbox, you will get a referall link. If your friends sign up to dropbox using that link of yours, you get additional storage for your DropBox account.dropbox
  4. Jungle Disk : Jungle Disk takes a different approach to backup on several different levels. Rather than offering a flat rate pricing for unlimited storage, Jungle Disk operates on a fee system. You pay $2 a month per account plus a fee per GB of data used. The fee structure per GB is currently: $0.15 for storage, $0.10 for upload, and $0.17 for download.
  5. Carbonite : Available for Windows and Mac, they have a simple pricing plan: $54.95 for a year of unlimited storage from a single computer. Like Mozy, Carbonite also offers block-level incremental backup to speed up the backup process. You can access your files through a web-based interface when you are away from home, and you can use the Carbonite application to restore all or some of your files at any time.

[Editor’s Note: This is a post written by our Guest Blogger Rishabh Agarwal. He is an engineer by profession and web designer by choice along with being a Linux enthusiast. He writes on technology at Techylabs.

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amit sharma November 10, 2011

You can also try, it provides 14GB of free space to the users and also allows you to manage all your cloud storage services and content under the single roof.