Jockipedia – A Wikipedia for Jocks?

clip_image002Jockipedia, like the name suggests is something like Wikipedia, only for jocks… an easy, centralized way to stay abreast with the booming digital load in today’s world.

Douglas Warshaw, a former network news producer, the creator of told NY Times:

“The Tower of Babel is getting bigger. The desire to find people will just get bigger. It just is. It’s like gravity. Every day, more and more athletes, not just the professionals, are doing this online…

We’re going to have every athlete in the world”

Warshaw calls Jockipedia an interactive phone book that gives you the best of all conversations. To this date, Jockipedia has 3,523 athletes.

A community reference site

Just like Wikipedia, Jockipedia is a community reference site where

  • People who register can create
    • Athlete pages (including their own)
    • Add links to any athlete’s Twitter feeds, Blogs, Sites, Pages and any other first-person publications.
  • Everyone can Flag and correct any errors or omissions, and help keep the site up to date

Find out what athletes are saying:

Jockipedia is a place where you can find an athlete’s

  • Real Twitter Feeds
  • Personal Blogs (as opposed to blogs about them)
  • Real Facebook and MySpace pages (as opposed to fan pages)
  • Websites (as opposed to fan sites)
  • Links to Video Channels (like athletes YouTube or Motionbox Channels)
  • Photo Galleries (like Flickr and Shutterfly)

The Jockosphere

Jockipedia offers a blog site – The Jockosphere with witty blog posts from diverse athletes that are distilled and discussed by staff writers. To create your very own athlete page, it is not necessary that you too should be a professional athlete. You should just be over the age of 13 and you can create your own page.

Warshaw adds:

“I want this to be about information directly from the athletes. If it turns into a bunch of discussions about the athletes’ on-field performance, it will come down. People can already do that on 1,006 sports sites.”

In the time to come, we will see many more features and functionalities on this site.

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Links: Jockipedia | The Jockosphere