Kick Start your Blogging Career with Free Domain & Hosting from MyBlogMind

myblogmind We all know that self hosted WordPress is the best for make and run blogs. Still there are bloggers who are on free platforms like Blogspot and . Well, Blogspot and will work fine if you have just started to know about blogging and trying your hands on different aspects of it. But if you want to get into serious blogging, you should consider getting a top level domain and hosting for your domain. MyBlogMind came up with a great offer for all bloggers, it’s providing free domains and hosting up to 1 year to bloggers, no hidden charges ever!

There are bloggers who can’t make it to buy a domain or hosting because reasons like credit card problems, no paypal balance etc. Just to support these bloggers MyBlogMind has been partnered with GoDaddy and Hostgator to provide free domains and hosting.

june offers

Here are some key features of MyBlogMind :

  1. You choose the domain and they get your domain registered for the 1st year
  2. Free hosting account with complete cPanel (unlimited space and bandwidth)
  3. Free $25 Google Adwords credit to promote your blog
  4. No forced Ads on your site. Show your ads on your blog only
  5. Free SEO tools and tutorials to make your blog popular
  6. No contracts are made. You own your site contents
  7. 24*7 support team to help you in case of problems

As far as I think, this is the best offer you can get this summer. All domains will be kept under their accounts for first three months (to prevent spamming) and will be pushed to your GoDaddy account for free after three months. All hosting accounts come for free for the committed period and you don’t have to pay a single penny for this.

Note : MyBlogMind took birth this month and hence you can expect the following things this month.

  1. 25 free domains and 25 free hosting accounts for this month
  2. They will provide .info domains in June (All domain extensions will be made available from August)
  3. Free hosting for 2 months to everyone while top 5 bloggers will get 1 year free hosting (1 year free hosting will be made available to everyone from August)

So, grab your free domain and hosting account, kick start your blogging career and make an another DevilsWorkshop. Apply for free domain and hosting here.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Bapun who blogs at Solidblogger about technology.

If you, too would  like to write for Devils Workshop, please check this. Details about our revenue sharing programs are here.]

8 Comments June 12, 2009

Great offer. Hope i get it!

Gautam June 13, 2009

Now domain and hosting also free

Jatin Sapra June 13, 2009

I m already using free domain & hosting from…..I was given free .com domain & free hosting. Working great time.
Thanks for share anyway

Bapun June 13, 2009

@ jatin : You typed the URL incorrectly. It’s

However, if you compare both services, you will find much much better benefits from MyBlogMind. Here is s small comparison between BuddingBloggers & MyBlogMind.

Maximum Allowed Domains : 1 – Unlimited
Maximum disk Space : 200 MB – Unlimited
Maximum Bandwidth : 10 GB – Unlimited
Maximum mySQL Database : 1 – Unlimited
Maximum FTP Accounts : 1 – Unlimited
Google Adwords credit : 0 – $25 (Free)
And much more..

No doubt, BuddingBloggers started an innovative way to help bloggers, but MyBlogMind is the best as far as free domains & hosting are concerned.

And yes, next month it’s bringing a huge surprise. Your mind will say not to believe it, but that will be as much true as you need oxygen to live 😉

Satish Gandham June 20, 2009

Those features are almost unlimited, we imposed restriction on the bandwidth just to make sure that they don’t use it for file sharing.
If they hit the first page of digg and cross the bandwidth we will add additional bandwidth to their account.
And a normal blog will not require more than 100 mb of space.

Why do you need unlimited ftp accounts when there is only one fellow maintaining the blog??

Bapun June 27, 2009

@ Satish : Nice observation there. You need one FTP account if you are one and handling one blog, but what if you want to let your friends work on your blog or you decide to make some 3/4 more blogs?

Yes, a common blog should not eat up more than 100 MB, but we have made it unlimited since we don’t want to force someone to start a blog and do posting only. We allow them to create forums, file sharing sites, video hosting sites etc. It’s a free world and they should get the real freedom.

You guys are excellent for those people who want to start a blog, but MyBlogMind is for those people who want to move two steps ahead 🙂

Jeetendra July 1, 2009

Nice post!!!!

I’ll definitely think of registering with it…..

Richie S August 30, 2009

It really works dude. I got a free domain and hosting package from myblogmind a month ago, at myfreehouse [dot] info