LastPass Premium Accounts Free for Students with .edu Accounts!

LastPass, the ultimate cloud based password manager is giving away premium accounts to students for six months. If you’re a student, having a .edu email address, you can take advantage of this offer.


Many of the universities these days have a .edu domain (although, Indian universities rarely have that domain), for example. So, if your university has a .edu domain, they will certainly provide you a email address too, and that’s the proof that you’re a student.

To get LastPass Premium for free, head on to their offer page, fill your .edu Email address, verify it and you’re done! Sadly, I don’t have a .edu email address, so I didn’t give it a try.

If you’re curious to know what all extra features you get by using LastPass Premium, here’s the list.

  • Download LastPass for all platforms – iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, WebOS, Symbian and even Dolphin browser.
  • Ad-free LastPass experience.
  • Use LastPass without installing any plugin
  • Add an extra layer of security to your LastPass vault using LastPass Sesame for USB thumb drive.
  • Use Yubikey for multi factor authentication to secure your LastPass vault.

Link: LastPass Loves Students

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