Facebook is removing ‘Reviews’ and ‘Discussions’ tabs from pages

This is an important update for Facebook page admins as well as normals users who like to interact with a brand or product or even their favorite artist using Facebook pages. Facebook started removing ‘Reviews’ and ‘Discussions’ tabs from its page’s sidebar and will completely stop showing them by October 31st 2011.

On a Facebook page, Discussions tab was like a forum where user can start a new topic and look for other member’s review. But the problem with this tab was lack of updates, you have to check discussions tab yourself every time you visit a page and there were no highlights for that. ‘Reviews’ was mainly used for reviewing a product or a movie. Members could give a rating on a scale of 1-5 and write a small review with that.

According to Facebook:

We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall. We’ve removed these tabs for now as we work on tools to help you moderate and filter content. Our goal is to help you can manage everything from one powerful place.

That means comments and wall posts on pages will take place of these review and discussion tabs. Personally I feel that it’s a good initiative by Facebook as I’ve never used discussions and reviews. Let’s see whether other users and page admins like this new change or not.


Lynn October 6, 2011

I am unhappy with the removal of the reviews tab. My website (for a band) has no place for users to enter a review of a show, our DVD, game app, or music downloads. The FB reviews section was perfect for that. Folks wanting to know about our band (we’re unsigned and not famous) could easily to go our FB reviews and see what other folks are saying and decide whether they want to get our merch or come to a show. Now I’ve got nothing. This is disappointing and I hope there’s significant backlash and that FB reconsiders before the end of the month. But I doubt it…

sauravjit October 7, 2011

I think they will launch something else for that. Alternatively you can write on their wall or simply comment or like posts.