Learn Blogging from India’s Top Blogger

India’s top blogger – Amit Agarwal who blogs at Digital Inspiration has now come up with one of its kind initiative. Amit has organized to train blogging aspirants for creation of blogs and optimization & revenue generation to people who already own a blog. According to Amit, the exact details of the program is yet to be scheduled but its for sure that the program will be held sometime in the next week in Agra (U.P – India).

blog school

Also, it is said that, the event is organized by Google and no fees will be charged for this training program. All you need to do is just pre-register if you are planning to attend this training. If you are interested to know, what all topics will be covered in this training program, here is the complete list.

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sharma December 10, 2009

Jokes apart harsh , but do you think amit is so generous to give his blogging secrets to form an army of competitors ….

i guess he will teach 99% of the tricks to be a successful blogger , keeping the most important 1% to himself …

no offence 🙂

Harsh Agrawal December 10, 2009

I can’t comment on behalf of any one, from my experience no Blogger will ever reveal his 100% secret. Reason being for many Pro bloggers blogging is like bread butter for them and thats one of the reason.
and I have nothing against them, since they are sharing atleast 99% secret , and if any one will follow them you will be close to him in terms of money and fame. Choice is always yours either follow or unfollow…

Shamna May 17, 2012

Can anyone let me know where I can find the minutes of the program by Amit?