LG G Flex: Curved display smartphone is official

LG G Flex phone is now officially released in South Korea. The phone's big draw is it's curved display made from flexible OLED screen.

LG G FlexThe Korean electronics giant LG has officially announced the G Flex phone. This smartphone is “different” because the display screen is curved. The phone retains the new trend of LG’s flagship phones to have the power button at the back of the phone. The phone is currently available only in S.Korea and there is not signs yet on a global release.

Basic specs of the LG G Flex

  • The phone has a flexible OLED screen that allows the curved screen display. These screens usually are far more robust because of their flexibility. Also the shape of the screen with an inwards curve could mean fewer instances of the phone falling flat on the display screen to break it.
  • It has a 6-inch, 720p display. The display screen will obviously show notifications based on tilting of the device.
  • The device runs on 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and packs 2GB of RAM
  • The back camera is a 13-megapixel camera.
  • The 3,500 mAh battery is impressive as there are major engineering difficulties with fitting a battery inside a curved device.

The engineering and design challenges of curved display phones

While curved displays are possible because of the flexible OLED screen, the innards of the phone are not really flexible. The batteries, chips, sensors are not necessarily flexible and this would probably be a major challenge in how the phone is assembled and what sort of impact it has on such a phone’s performance over the long run.

LG is not the first to produce a phone with curved display. Samsung already has one but that model curves from side to side, while the curve on the LG G Flex runs from top to bottom.

Source: The Verge


Yaso November 4, 2013

This been looking good, what about the performance & battery performance..

Sam Singh November 17, 2013

Handling this big and curved device will be troublesome. You can’t put it in the pocket and also I can’t think of a flip cover for it.

KRISHNA December 4, 2013

The phone looks good, but how much it worth