LG Nexus 4 to be available in India by November

Yesterday Google made the Nexus 4 phone official in a blog post. LG is manufacturing the Nexus 4 phone. It will be initially available on 13th November in U.S, U.K, Australia, France, Germany, Canada and Spain.

Asus has already confirmed the Nexus 7 being available in India possibly in the month of November. LG India officials have reportedly confirmed that the new phone Nexus 4 will also be made available in India by November end.

The phone is priced very competitively at $299 for its 8GB unlocked version. Even with duties and taxes, LG could price it in India for around Rs. 20,000 and it will be a very competitive price for such a powerful phone with the latest stock Android version on it.

Why LG Nexus 4 in India is very likely?

Samsung last year had let down a lot of Android users who expected it to roll out Galaxy Nexus in India. Unfortunately Samsung shelved any plans for a Nexus phone in India (if there were any in the first place) possibly to not have it clash with its Galaxy S3 launch.

LG itself does not have a phone that sells as well as Galaxy S3 in India. So it makes sense for LG to roll out a very competitive and in-demand phone in India.

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