Google Announces Nexus 4 Phone, Nexus 10 Tablet and Android 4.2

Google’s Android event scheduled for today might have got cancelled because of stormy weather, but it has not stopped it from announced the two new Nexus devices and an upgraded Android version. It has also introduced upgraded version of Nexus 7 tablet.

Nexus Phones and Tablets

Now there are three distinct devices with Google Nexus brand name. All devices will run on the upgraded JellyBean version 4.2.

Nexus 4 (Phone)

  • The Nexus 4 mobile phone is built by LG and has screen size of 4.7 inches.
  • The phone will ship with a new feature for viewing photos called photo sphere. It is bascially new features for taking large photos and also enhance Google+ experience.
  • The phone ships in two variants which is the 8GB and 16GB memory space.

Nexus 10 (Tablet)

  • The phone is built by Samsung is a new 10 inch tablet. The tablet is a entertainment device meant to bolster content consumption.
  • The device allows mutilpe users feature of Android 4.2 allowing more than one person to share the tablet, obviously aimed at families.
  • The tablet has a powerful battery with upto nine hours of video playback and 500 hours of standby.

Nexus 7 Upgrades (Mobile network support)

  • Nexus 7 initially would only connect over WiFi networks. Google has now added support for HSPA+ mobile networks or mobile networks in lay mans terms.
  • The newer Nexus 7 devices will roll out of Android 4.2 version.
  • The device will be shipped in two variants with 16 GB and 32 GB memory respectively.

Android 4.2

There were many good updates as expected from Android 4.2. It is not a completely new version of Android but just a upgraded version of JellyBean. Android 4.2 also will support multiple profiles and has many improvements in Google Now search capabilities.

Android 4.2 has a new camera feature called Photo Sphere which is literally taking three dimensional photos of a large area.

Below is a video shared by Android’s Hugo Barra showcasing the Photoscape feature.

This also means Google will in all probablity not reschedule its Android event which it had cancelled earlier.

(via Google Blog)


Jeet October 30, 2012

let’s see what this nexus tablet device can do after the best tablet so far nexus 7. and i think its too early for android 4.2

Ankit October 30, 2012

I’ll definitely buy Nexus 4 by the year end 😉
Lol yea. Collecting money 🙂

Rock November 2, 2012

If I buy Nexus 10 from US.
Will it work with full funtionality and features in India??????/