Why an LG Nexus 5 at Google I/O could just be rumours

I have been a little surprised that LG might be producing a new Nexus 5 phone to be presented at Google IO. In this post, I will be doing something that can quickly backfire, which is putting down 5 reasons why LG Nexus 5 seems a unlikely at this year’s Google I/O conference that starts next week.

The rumours really started with a reputable source called @EvLeaks – which often accurately leaks new phone models before they are presented to the public. It started with the picture below posted by Evleaks on their Facebook page.

Rumoured LG Nexus 5

1. Is it the LG Optimus G2

It might not be the Nexus, it could be the LG Optimus G 2. If you look at the image above it shows LG logo at the front. That is not how Nexus phones usually show of the manufacturers logo. The logo is usually on the back of the phone.

This is meant to reaffirm the Google Nexus brand more than the manufacturers brand. Also the screen size is supposedly 5.5 inches. That actually is closer to the size of LG Optimus G and hence its likely this one is actually the Optimus G2 phone and not the Nexus 5.

2. Google X phone or Motorola’s new phone

Google might be releasing a new phone from Motorola. It is very unlikely that Google IO will feature two phones. Guy Kawasaki who works for Motorola has teased on his Google+ page that smartphones should be customizable like cars leading to rumours that Motorola’s next phone will be just that. Also Google’s CEO Larry Page has talked about a new phone from Motorola and even hinted it will be unbreakable.

3. Its too soon for Nexus 5

The Nexus 4 was released in the first week of November 2012. So a Nexus 5 will be only after 6 months. Some might like the idea but people who bought the Nexus 4 will actually not like that. If they have bought a phone, they do not expect a newer model to come out only in a few months.

LG Nexus 4 did not ship with LTE and we might see Nexus 4 with LTE upgrade being announced at the Google IO conference.

4. LG is not necessarily going to make the next Nexus 5

Nexus phones are meant to be Google phones. But the manufacturer is not constant. For instance previous Nexus phones have been manufactured by HTC and Samsung. So it is not necessary that Google will repeat LG for Nexus 5 though it the success of Nexus 4 might work in LG’s favour.

5. Google IO is about developers not phones launches

Google IO traditionally is not about phone announcements. Usually they introduce a new Android version at Google IO. Last year they introduced the Nexus 7 tablets but no phone. The real purpose of Google IO is to get developers introduced to a new Android version and changes to Chrome.

So despite the rumours I think a LG manufactured Nexus 5 phone just might not happen at the Google IO this year. Though as I said earlier, this post could quickly backfire with Google announced an LG Nexus 5 phone at their Google IO keynote address.

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Kapil May 10, 2013

what do you say, about next Android version,
Key Lime pie. Is it possible to be launched in this I/O.

Aditya Kane May 11, 2013

@Kapil: There will surely be a new version of Android announced. Not sure if it will be Key Lime Pie – chances are it might be 4.3 (Jelly Bean).