Gmail’s Updated iPad/iPhone App Opens Links on Chrome

A review of the updated Gmail app for iPhones and iPads which now allows opening of relevant links to Chrome, YouTube and Google Maps app if installed on the device.

Google has been regularly updating their Gmail app for the iOS platform over the past few months. Today, it sent out another update which will fix some major issues faced by iPhone or iPad users. That is, it allows Gmail app to open links on Chrome automatically. Previously, they would open on the mobile browser which was Safari on iOS.

Mainly Apple does not allow any browser other than Safari as the default. This means all the links you open from a particular app, opens on Safari. This included Gmail previously. But now all the links open with Chrome.

Gmail App Link Chrome

Additionally the app will also open all Google Maps and YouTube links with the relevant apps if installed on your iPhone or iPad. Though Google Maps app is available only on iPhone so by default the links on an iPad will open on Chrome.

The new update also allows users to sign out form a single account if they are using multiple accounts on Gmail. This is useful as previously it would sign out from all accounts. I use 2-step verification for my Gmail account and also my work account. So that was pretty frustrating so I really appreciated it getting fixed.

Gmail app needs to be better:

Gmail app on my iPad is at best useful but it lacks many features. Some Gmail features like canned responses are not available with iPad. It also does not support creating filters. Additionally Gmail app could manage archive, deletion and labeling of emails a lot better with more multi-touch options on iPads and iPhones.

Try out the Gmail app for iOS and drop in your comments.