LinkedIn Releases List of Influencers You Can Follow

LinkedIn as a social network has remained very unique for professionals. Its focus on helping professionals network, instead of connecting friends and family has helped it chart a unique identity and relevance for itself. LinkedIn expects users to follow each other, like Facebook’s friend system. It does not allow the opportunity to follow people without them following us back. This can be a little annoying to very successful people on LinkedIn who could get inundated with requests to connect. LinkedIn has found a way out of it and has rolled out a public “who to follow” list.

LinkedIn Follow List

The public profile that users follow, allows them to get their updates and even comment on them. I guess the follow list sounds like LinkedIn version of verified accounts feature of Twitter and Google+.

Apply to become a Linked In Influencer

You can also apply to get onto this list at this link. You will have to provide details like any professional posts, your public profile. But unless you are really famous, do not expect to get on this list any time soon.

How often do you use LinkedIn and will your be using their official “follow list” for updates from very famous professionals? Do drop in your comments.

Link: LinkedIn Influencer’s List