LinkedIn Releases List of Influencers You Can Follow

LinkedIn as a social network has remained very unique for professionals. Its focus on helping professionals network, instead of connecting friends and family has helped it chart a unique identity and relevance for itself. LinkedIn expects users to follow each other, like Facebook’s friend system. It does not allow the opportunity to follow people without […]

[Online Tool] Check if Your LinkedIn Password was Leaked!

LinkedIn had a security breach yesterday which led to more than 6 million passwords being leaked. LinkedIn’s response to be honest was initially quite slow and guarded. At such times usually it is better for a company to over-communicate rather than stay quite. Finally they have confirmed that about 6.5 million passwords were leaked from their […]

Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide

Recent reports suggest that Facebook has rapidly been gaining popularity, and has taken over MySpace to become the world’s most popular social network. Apparently, Facebook is visited by every third person out of ten people online across the world. Here are some highlights from the report: There have been huge increases in reach for Facebook […]