List of 4 Ways to Update All Your Software in Windows

The frequency of software updates have increased day by day, due to which updating software manually has become a hectic task. If you’re a software junkie and have a lot of software installed on your system then, it will become a big headache for you.

This is the reason Update checkers have started gaining popularity. An update checker is a simple piece of software which checks updates for the softwares installed on your PC.

Why should you have a update checker?

  • Update checkers generally have a database of latest software, so when you run an Update checker it checks the version of the software installed on your PC and the latest software version available in its database.
  • If your firewall blocks these Update checkers, then add them to the exceptions list because they need to access internet in order to update your software.
  • Software developers constantly fix bugs and release new versions so in order to stay away from security glitches you need to update software constantly.

Here are some of the best Update checkers –

#1. FileHippo Update Checker

FileHippo is one the best software hosting websites. Its software detection rate makes it the best Update Checker. It is portable enough. When I scanned my system, it showed me 16 updates of which 3 were Beta updates. As FileHippo doesn’t host commercial/shareware softwares, you won’t be able to see updates for paid softwares installed on your system.

Link: FileHippo Update Checker

#2. TechTracker

TechTracker is developed by the famous software hosting website, (Cnet). It is portable too but with less software detection rate. It showed me 13 updates. TechTracker has a major advantage over FileHippo Update checker i.e. it checks updates of commercial softwares (as contains shareware too!).

Link: TechTracker

#3. Update Star

Update Star is available in two versions; one is freeware while the other is premium/shareware. The freeware gives you access to only limited number of updates (it showed me only 6 updates). It has a good visual appealing interface (similar to Snagit Image capture utility) but it’s a bit bulky than the other Update Checkers.

Link: UpdateStar

#4. Software Informer

It is developed by When I ran it, what amazed me is that it showed updates for not just software, but also for drivers installed on my system! But unfortunately it didn’t give the download links for the updated drivers; instead it gave link to my laptop manufacturer’s site. It showed me a total of 32 updates of which 2-3 were false positives. This makes it my second favorite after FileHippo update checker.

Link: Software Informer

So use these services and make sure that software on your Windows OS is always updated. Do drop in your comments.

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Sahil Kotak July 18, 2011

I always use updated software as it helps in many ways. A good post anyway, this would help me get all my software’s updated regularly.