List of 5 Best Designed Facebook Pages

There are millions of pages on Facebook which remain bound to the custom blue and white. This list is not about them. This list is about those extremely well designed pages which make you question where you are – Facebook or a beautifully crafted website! Here it comes people, the best designed Facebook Pages:

#1. Cheetos

The Facebook page of Cheetos is makes it to the top of my list. With sound effects, smart graphics and brilliant styling, Cheetos makes you forget that you are on a regular Facebook Page. Its customized and well branded for the target audience of the product. It’s a no brainer how it made it to my list.

#2. Nissan

Nissan zooms in to our list with a well-organized Facebook page catering to each individual product listed and linked to the related web page, YouTube videos and regular polls. Its a concise and neatly planned Facebook Page offering fans right amount of details.

#3. BlackBerry

Shouldn’t be surprised after the success of the BlackBerry models, how difficult is designing a sleek Facebook page? Not much for Research In Motion who sure does loves what it does. 😉

#4. YouTube

The Facebook page for YouTube is the next on my list. Its kept updated and retains the branding features of the original site.

#5. Levis

After inventing the alternative to skin (read: Jeans!), Levis keeps up its name amongst fans with a classic Facebook page.

So these are my top 5 picks for the best designed Facebook Pages. It’s difficult task to personalize the page as Facebook has it ‘blues’ all over which give brands with different trademark colors a tough time. Keeping that in mind, I think these 5 have done a commendable task at proving their aesthetic with fans.

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