Locate Your Friends using Google Latitude!

google_logo Google Latitude is now live, a new service from Google that allows you to locate you and your friends on Google Maps and share it with others (not available on iPhone yet, but its coming soon). 🙂

Google LatitudeFor now, you can explore it directly yourself via your mobile phone or from your computer. Instead you can also use this direct link to login, and then you’ll be prompted to install the gadget. I found that, as it claimed, the feature was unable able to detect my location automatically from my PC and I had to set it out manually.

Google’s features are pretty simple. Along with a person’s location, the person’s picture will show up on the map (if it’s being set during account creation). The service uses cell-phone tower triangulation, GPS or Wi-Fi to find your current location. As of now, it works on RIM’s Blackberrys, Symbian devices and Windows Mobile, and the T-Mobile G1. About iPhone it will be supported soon. The service goes live in the U.S. and 26 other countries.

Here is a quick video to make you understand about Google Latitude:


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Link: Google Latitude