Gmail’s New ‘Labels’ & ‘Move to’ options with auto-completion

As a Gmail user, you must have noticed some new changes to Gmail interface recently. Here is our analysis on these changes. At the end you will find workaround for now missing “Search The Web” button from Gmail interface.

1. Assigning Labels is easier now

As highlighted in below screenshot, you can now search, create and assign multiple labels easily. Moreover, while searching you can enjoy auto-completion now.

Gmail New Labels Feature

You may also want to use colored-labels feature of Gmail. You can also use labels to auto-filter emails as per your preference.

2. Moving emails also become easier…

Those who are new to Gmail or its labeling concept, sometimes wonder where are folders in Gmail. You can think of labels as special folder. You can move emails to these labels easily now.

Gmail Move To Feature

Move to and Labels may seem similar but there is a difference. If you assign labels, conversation still remains in the inbox but when you move it, it gets archived automatically.

3. Better “More Actions” menu

Gmail More Actions-1 More actions menu group together some less frequently used actions and places them in separate menu. Also its position is less obstructive.

Only thing could be done better is adding Create a documentoption into more actions menu. If enabled, “Create a document” option show up on extreme right side which go unnoticed because of ads.

4. Missing Search the web button

Gmail used to have “Search The Web” button which is now removed in this new interface. Our reader Vish is disappointed as…

this (“Search The Web” button) helped us not to open a browser window and type for the search. It also gave the luxury or not going for CTRL+T/ CTRL+N for opening a new window

Update: Gmail brought “Search the web” button back now. (05 March, 2009)

Personally I never used that button but those who were using it can now, use CTRL+K (only Firefox) to directly switch focus to browser’s search box. You don’t need to open any window/tab, neither do you need to use mouse!

Above shortcut is for Firefox only. Figure out similar shortcut for your browser. You can also check top 10 Firefox shortcuts.

Link: Official Gmail Blog post

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Lenny Jordan February 5, 2009

I think it was a huge mistake to remove the “web” choice at the top. I used it almost exclusively. I do like the addition of labels, but this is a big issue for those of us that go back and forth between mail and the web. As a longtime gmail and google fan, this is very disappointing.
It would have been nice to give us an option of staying with the old format and adding labels rather than having it forced on us.
Shame on Google!

Lee February 19, 2009

I had to manually add a Google Search Box to Gmail today.

Rahul Bansal March 6, 2009

@Leny & Lee
Google added “Search the web” button back to Gmail 🙂

S S Raghavan March 25, 2009

Would like “Label” and “Move To” appear along with Archieve, Delete, More Actions Buttons. How to download these which is very useful in labeling/filing e-mails into organised folders. Need Help in achieving the same

Rahul Bansal March 29, 2009

Sorry to say buddy, I could not get your question.
Can u explain in little detail? I may be able to help you out.

johndoe June 10, 2009

what’s is wrong with the “move to” option in gmail. It moves any mail that you click on into the first folder, regardless of where you wanted it to go. This started a couple of weeks ago, and now when you click on ‘move to’ you have to hold the return button down while you move to the correct folder you want it to go into for it to work properly. If you let go it will send it automatically to the first folder again.

Rahul Bansal June 16, 2009

Did you mean “Tags” when you say “Folders”?

Nikhil Kulkarni September 5, 2009

on my gmail screne i do not found move option please tell me how can I insert move option on my Gmail

madhavi October 15, 2009


I don’t see “Move to” option in gmail page.
Are there any settings need to be done.

Sarat Kumar Jena February 11, 2010

I don’t see “Move to” option in gmail page. I need that option, What will i do? Are there any settings need to be done.