Look up common follower features on Twitter

Look up common followers features on Twitter which allow you to look up common accounts you and someone else follows along with suggested accounts which followed by your network.

When it comes to Facebook and its talked about social graph the key to increasing its relevancy is not with the number of people using it but with the number of internal connections within the network. This was mainly done with the use of looking up common friends.

This was a challenge for Twitter and it was a important feature for users to know who they might need to follow. So now Twitter has introduced a couple of changes.

As you can see in the image above that some accounts show up as ones which I might be interested in following. It also shows other Twitter users who I follow are following this suggested account. 😉

This will be mainly helpful to people who are new to Twitter. Lookup these suggestions by clicking here.

Look up common accounts followed

  • I follow @rahul286 and when I click on his twitter page, I can now see common accounts the both of us follow. (see above image)
  • These changes will help new and old users to actually visit the Twitter website and not just use Twitter through apps.
  • This will be something even expert Twitter users will find useful in finding new and interesting followers. I do not like following people randomly and especially avoid some accounts which are nothing but spam.

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Do you think these changes are too late in the day with Twitter? Do let me know through you comments.


Anterpreet August 16, 2010

Nice feature, now we can easily find good people to follow 🙂

Smart Entry August 19, 2010

Cool….Easy to follow others 🙂

Customer Care Rep August 23, 2010

I see this change already and I like it. At least now I get to see and add who would like to follow me that would be interested with what I have to say.