Man sues Facebook for Disabling his Account

A man is trying to sue Facebook with a law suit of $500,000 for disabling his account. Wow, a big angry man we have in here.

A man is trying to sue Facebook with a law suit of $500,000 for disabling his account. Wow, a big angry man we have in here.

Well, Mustafa Fteja’s  account was disabled without explanation in September, since then he is all cut out from his friends and family. He says it was his only way to contact them (what about gtalk, gmail or Yahoo 🙂 ).

Mustafa tried many times to complain, call or just get an explanation about it but all in vain? So totally disturbed he is finally taking this step. What do you think would have been the reason?

I wonder why he didn’t make a new profile? Why did he keep asking or mailing Facebook people to get that account back. I know it had friends and his memories but they all could have been replaced. All this makes me think that when it comes to Facebook people are loosing themselves now. One more point came to my mind that says Facebook doesn’t care you are alive, dead, you have an account or you don’t have any. If at all they cared then one email would have been sufficient in telling whats wrong.

He has so much of money to sue Facebook instead make a new one. I would love to have your views on it. Please share what you think about it.


Valentine Moody January 28, 2011

Hmm.. If I were to have my facebook disabled I would just make a new one. I wouldn’t go to the extreme of suing some over an online account. : It’s not worth the time over something you can just make in a few minutes.

Himadri Dimri January 28, 2011

I know Valentine 🙂 and so much of money, I wonder if he has so much he can invest in a nice phone to be in toiuch with family..ha ha. He has some serious grudges against FB i guess..

kishore January 30, 2011

is that okay i mean if FB account is blocked and never gonna enabled, can we open a new FB account, as i know that its completely against FB policy, the person whos account is blocked he shouldn’t open a new account with FB.

Himadri Dimri January 30, 2011

No Kishore its not against the privacy policy, you can make a new account as and when you wish to 😀

kishore January 30, 2011

yea okay…sounds good, one more thing can i import contacts from blocked email account?

Himadri Dimri January 30, 2011

Yes I think you can..