VLC Keyboard Shortcuts to Fix Audio/Video Delay in Movies

One of the most irritating part while watching a movie on your computer is the delay between the audio/video streams! I see many friends often downloading a different print of the same movie. That’s a lot of work for most broadband users in India and many other countries.

But if you are using the VLC media player, then you can simply synchronize audio/video using keyboard shortcuts “f” and “g” as highlighted in the screenshot below. After some trial and error you will get the characters’ lip-synced.

On Windows OS, if “f” and “g” do not work, try “CTRL+F” and “CTRL+G” respectively. You can also edit keyboard shortcuts by clicking on “Change” button in same window (see following screenshot again)

Link: VideoLAN – VLC Media Player

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FreeSoftz January 28, 2011

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts to Fix…..Nice Tips
But I use VLC,Mplayer……..Thanks