Mark Zuckerberg being Stalked by an Indian

Mark Zuckerberg, the most loved man of 2010 , founder of Facebook, has obtained a restraining order against an Indian-origin man who has been sending him creepy messages through the social networking site and well threatening his safety. 🙂 Wow, so now he has a fan following and threats! 😛

According to Mr Zuck, this man Pradeep Manukonda, has been trying to get in touch with him by following or leaving texts that are kind of threatening ! Facebook security also tried to stop Pradeep at Mark’s home on January 24 just as he was about to walk up the front steps.

Below is the image of the letter he sent to Randi Zuckerberg-sister of Mark Zuckerberg.


The judge has ordered Pradeep to stay at least 300 yards away from Mark, his sister and his girlfriend. A hearing at court is pending, later this month. Whoa! What a stalker. So, Facebook owner gets a stalker, funny and scary at the same time. Funny because the person who started online stalking is being stalked and scary, because stalking is kind of scary. Come on !

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3 replies on “Mark Zuckerberg being Stalked by an Indian”

  1. wow…lets talk in a funny side first…one normal indian origin guy just irritated most popular person in the world, well it means that anything possible now a days and anything can happen. if we talk about legal concerns what charges he could face in future?

    1. Hmm may be that man is doing all this just to get fame…Dont know about the legal things though…lets see.

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