Timely.is – Schedule your Tweets for Maximum Impact

Twitter has become a great tool to promote or spread a particular startup, a blog article or a web business in general. To make your tweets reach out to more people, a new web app called Timely.is helps you to schedule and post your tweets at an optimum time.

What is Timely.is?

Timely.is is a new web app developed by the startup Flowtown Inc., which can be used to schedule your tweets for later. It works on an algorithm, which finds out the time of maximum impact at which your tweet will be read by the most number of users.

As seen below, I simply entered my Twitter username, and Timely suggested 4 time frames, in which I could reach out to the most users.

How Does Timely.is work?

Timely.is analyses 199 of your previous tweets, and calculates optimum time frames using their algorithm.

  • To get started with Timely, you have to sign-up and authorize Timely with your Twitter account. You will then be able to schedule tweets as shown above (Click to enlarge).
  • By clicking on Add to Queue, your tweets get added to a list of tweets each of which will be posted at the time of most impact. You can check the statistics of your tweets as well.
  • If it is an urgent tweet, you can click on Post within 30 minutes, so that Timely will choose the best time in the next 30 minutes.

Since this is a fairly new web app, the accuracy of Timely’s algorithm is not certain. Do give me your feedback about this newly launched web-app through your comments 🙂

Link: Timely.is

Published by Omkar Joglekar

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