Mass Invite Friends on Google+ by Sharing a Link

Google+ has stopped the clamouring for invitation by throwing the doors wide open with 150 invitations for every user. This will surely see a rise in number of users on Google+.

It also has introduced a way to invite people via sharing a link. This means I can mass invite my friends on Google+ by only sharing a link with them.

Google+ Invite via Link

  • Log into your Google+ account and look up the invitations link on the right hand bottom corner.
  • It will allow you to invite users via email or by sharing a link.


  • Copy and paste this link to your friends on a social networks or chat messengers.
  • Your friends can then sign up to Google+ and are also notified who has invited them (see image below).


Is this a sign that testing phase is over for Google+?

I believe that Google is now satisfied with their new social network and its ability to handle traffic. I also think they might have finished testing other features like having business accounts which could compete against Facebook Pages. There are many features soon to be expected on Google+ which will truly make it a great product.

What are your views? Does more invitations mean more features are going to be rolled out soon? Do drop in your comments.


Bslugnut August 8, 2011

Now if I can just get an invite!

Aditya Kane August 8, 2011

Just visit this link and you should be able to get invited. 🙂