3 Free Online Tools to Check if an Email Address Actually Exists

Email_logoFrom all the things we share online, be it funny quotes, pictures and files, the most care is taken while we email someone. It is an unspoken rule on the internet that when we expect someone to check something and respond, you email them.

Unfortunately, not all email addresses are valid. Also we can get a seemingly innocent mail but from invalid addresses. Before replying, we want to know if the address is actually valid or not.

Here are 3 online tools to check if an email address is valid.

#1. VerifyEmailAddress

Verify_Email_addressJust type in your address and this online tool checks first if the syntax was correct. Then it looks up the email provider. If the check is valid, it shows a green tick mark next to the email address. This service was simple and intuitive but does not show us the logs.

Link: Verify Email Address

#2. Verify Email


Verify Email is also useful to check if the email address you entered is valid or not. Type in the email address and click on ‘Verify’. If the result is OK, then it means the service was able to verify successfully. This does show a log  of how your email was verified.


Link: Verify Email

#3. Email Unlimited: Verify email tool

Finally, another online tool which will also check if the email you entered exists or not. This service prominently displays the logs while carrying out the verification.


Link: Verify email tool

How email address are verified by these websites?

The services get MX DNS records of your domain to verify which mail server is being used. Then it checks with the mail server to see if the username exists. Once all the results are positive, the email is verified and we are given the result.

Do try out these email verification services and let me know if you know about more services and methods to verify email addresses.

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  1. Hi! Aditya. Looks like you merged the link of VerifyEmailAddress and VerifyEmail. BTW very useful post.
    I hope you don’t mind if i use it on my blog with a link back to this post and be assured that I will not copy paste it.

  2. it is accepting any email ………….it just checks the standards of the email…….so no useof it bro

  3. Here’s another excellent online tool to check if an email address actually exists _ Green Apple Mail, you can find it at greenapplemail.com
    When it comes to validation of emails in bulk they are second to none, although this is a paid service (reasonable rates though)

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