Mazda offers 20% Discount on Facebook Deals

Facebook deal is now in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Facebook deals is offering many discounts on several products such as Mazda, Starbucks coffee etc.


When you check in to places from your mobile phone, you can avail many offers if they are available in your country. Well, this can be a nice way to advertise about the products or shops and off course Facebook usage will be increased. If I am given an option to avail the offer then obviously I will use my phone and Facebook. 🙂

But, here is the deal, Mazda the famous Car company is offering  20% discount for people every month for five months to customers who “check-in” at one of their five nominated places. People love to get offers and with this deal that lets you get offers by using Facebook, will rock!

What is the future of such deals? I guess then Facebook will know about our whereabouts also. Is that acceptable? What do you think? Share your views with me here.