Want to Message Mark Zuckerberg? Pay Facebook $100!

Facebook is testing a feature in which users pay a fee allowing users to ensure their messages reached the recipient's Inbox instead of Other Folder

Imagine you want to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg and make sure the message is not ignored. What would be the best way? According to Facebook it might be forking out US $100. Facebook is not exactly so desperate for money. They are testing a new feature.

Zuckerberg 100 dollar message
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Currently when one of your friends or followers send you a message. The messages usually end up in the Inbox. But there is also the “Other Inbox” which is often not noticed by users. The Other Inbox can be seen when as a discreet link on your messages page.

Other Inbox

The Other folder contains usually messages from people who are not your friends. This is a way to help very popular users from being spammed by their followers and fans.

Facebook was testing what could be highest amount set for making sure a message goes to the Inbox rather than the Other folder. It is expected to charge a lot less for normal (less famous) users. This is an extension of the feature that allows users to promote their posts for a small fee.

Promoted Messages and Update: Are they Ethical?

Though it makes sense for brands to promote their messages or updates by paying Facebook a small amount. This will ensure more certainty in reaching their fans and customer base. But is this feature really ethical? I am not really comfortable that Facebook is asking money to ensure people who send me mail which I have to check.

Imagine the outrage it would cause if Gmail or Hotmail suggests that if users could pay them some extra money and they would ensure that their emails do not get filtered and ensure it hits the main Inbox.

The feature is still being tested and so we cannot comment on all aspects of how it works. What you seen such prompts for making payments while sending a message? Do drop in your comments.

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Santosh Kumar January 18, 2013

This cost is very high for sending the massage. thanks for sharing this